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Book of Shadows
(Page 3)

”Ye olde Book of Shadows belongs to me,
So thy hands thou must keep free.

Please leave this book as it was found,
Or bad luck on thee will abound.

This is not my wish but thee be warned,
Your fate you make if this book is scorned.

So respect this book if you please,
Or thou shalt test the rule of three.”

I ask for Power.
Chant 3 times,
"My powers are great
My powers are divine
Give me powers greater than mine
Goddess Bridgit hear my plea
Give me power
Greater than me."
Owl Chant
"Owl mighty hunter of the night
Watch over me until the morning light
Allow me with your eyes to see
Any harm that might come to me.
As I will it, so it will be!"
Viewing Past Lives

"I call upon the past
Ancient voices take me back
Help me to see
Who I have been
Help me to know what I have lived
I call upon the past
Make the memories last.
"With the wind upon my face,
Bring me to that sacred place,
Bring me where my soul can see,
Peace and quiet come to me.
As I will, so mote it be."

Cleanse a House

Take a large bowl of salt and sprinkle a pinch or two over the exterior doorways and windowsills of your home. Make certain you get each and every one.

Choose the room that has the strongest negative feel to it. Light a white candle. In a large fire proof bowl combine the following:

1 tablespoon powdered garlic,1 tablespoon peppermint, 1 tablespoon ground clove, 1 tablespoon dried/powdered thistle, handful or two of sweetgrass, sage or dried oak leaves.

Carefully light the mixture so that it smolders, giving off an aromatic smoke. Leaving the candle lit, carry the bowl in to each room and repeat the following:

In the name of the Eternal Lady and Lord I bid thee part.

I consecrate and clear this space.

Let nothing but joy linger here.

When you have finished each room, return to the first, set the bowl beside the candle and wait for the remaining mixture to burn out. Take the ash outside and sprinkle it over the grass/flowerbed/etc, thereby returning it to the Mother.


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