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Relax and find a comfortable position. Take several deep breaths. It would be best to close your eyes so you can concentrate without distraction.

As you sit here in your human form, know that this body is just one aspect of yourself. You each have a highest self, that beautiful and perfect part of you which has experienced all your lifetimes and is intimately familiar with the home for which you yearn. You have begun as a spark of God, and have chosen the human path to maturity, that you may grow increasingly compatible with your Creator and find your way home. Your incarnations are the schoolroom for this highest self, which is already perfect in its essence, yet grows in wisdom through the learnings of each lifetime.

Accompany me on a brief journey to meet this highest self, and visit your home.

Direct your attention to your breath. Notice the in-breath and the out. Move deeper within. Look through the third eye. Allow the inside of your forehead to be a movie screen, and watch the pictures that unfold.

You have just emerged from a woods, and are on a lovely open hillside. All around you are flowers, in brilliant hues. Birds are singing, and the soft wings of butterflies touch you gently. The scent of freshness fills the air.

Far below you see a grove of trees, a grassy park-like spot where beings move about. Beyond the grove is a river, glistening in the sunshine. Across the river are lovely hills, turning into blue mountains in the distance.

You start down the hill. The sun is warm on your back and the cool, fresh breeze touches your face.

The figures are larger now. Some present a solid form; others appear as light. Some sit; others stand. They are in small groups. There is an air of peace, and the quiet hum of voices.

You do not know these beings, yet you feel you've known them forever. You feel no fear or hesitation as you approach. You are certain of your welcome.

One being catches your gaze. It is the figure of your dreams, deeply beautiful in the manner that most speaks love and beauty to your heart.

Focusing your attention on this being, you forget the others. There are only you two in all the universe.

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This being, male or female, solid or light being, walks toward you with arms outstretched in welcome. Do not force its appearance. Let it be however it is.

You each walk very slowly. There is all the time you need for this meeting.

As you grow near, you gaze deeply into each other's eyes. You trust this being completely, and feel only intense joy in its presence.

Stop. Breath deeply. Look into each other's eyes. There is no rush.

Feel a deeper love than you have ever known touch your heart. It is a love that is familiar, remembered and yearned for, through all your human lifetimes.

Slowly you approach each other and touch outstretched hands together. There is such total love and trust in that touch.

Know that this being is yourself, your highest self. It is more you than this human body you inhabit. It is your essence, your soul.

Touch hands, gaze into the depths of each other's eyes, and know the joy of this reunion. Feel the deep peace that comes with your knowing of yourself.

You are whole, you are perfect, you are unlimited.

Separating hands, your highest self begins a Sufi song and dance.

The first line, with hands raised in blessing-"May the blessings of God rest upon you"

The second line, as hands again touch lightly-"May His peace abide with you"

With the final lines, your highest self places one hand over your heart. You do the same. With your free hand you cover that dear hand which touches you. "May His presence illuminate your heart, now and forever more."

You repeat this song, as often as you like, gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

May the blessings of God rest upon you.

May His peace abide with you.

May His presence illuminate your heart, now and forever more.

Slowly you merge. You become the one being that you truly are.

You are on the spiritual plane now. You will not need your body for awhile. Leave it sitting safely here, resting in the sunshine. Go with your highest self, as one being.

Just gently rest your body on the grass, where it will safely await your return.

You have begun to notice the other beings. They are all spirits like yourself.

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Two circles are forming, one inside the other. Join the one of your choice. Face the being beside you in the other circle.

You repeat this Sufi dance, gazing deeply into each being's eyes as you sing and dance together. Move from one to the next, and on to the next.

Go slowly, moving with the group. Hear the beauty of the music. Let it fill you and surround you.

Feel the edges of your being dissolve.

There is no "self" or "other" here. There is only oneness.

You are whole, as are all the beings that you meet. You have no needs to call attention to, no pain or emptiness.

There is only love and oneness.

You move beyond yourself. You are aware of yourself dancing and singing, and yet there is no self. You are as fully each partner as yourself.

You are all beings. You are one.

And, as the song suggests, the presence of God fills your hearts, and radiates through the valley.

Continue to dance as long as you like.

When you have had enough, step back and watch.

It is the same whether you dance or watch. You share the perceptions of the dancers and the watchers. The total harmony of your being fills your hearts.

There is total joy and peace. There is no separation from any living thing.

There is only oneness, with yourself, with all beings, and with God.

Dance, watch, and feel the Joy of your oneness.

The shadows grow longer. The dance is ending.

You draw apart, but without regret. The love fills your heart. The memory of this oneness will stay with you.

Return to that human form you left resting on the grass. It is time to join with it again.

You are back in human form, but for awhile you have been your highest self.

You know that this is who you truly are. You are perfect. You are limitless. You are complete.

You must leave this grove now, but the parting is not sad. You may come back at any time. You are always welcome here.

This is your home.

Your highest self accompanies you to the path. You feel the sun on your face as you walk up the hill. Behind you, the beautiful music from the valley accompanies you on your way.

Walk slowly. There is no hurry. Feel the deep peace and love that goes with you.

Whenever you are ready, you may open your eyes

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